A little driving a little calling,= one road dog

Discussion in 'Montana Hunting Lounge' started by d4570, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. d4570

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    4 hours driving 4 hours calling, saw one coyote running in a field as we headed home.
    Part of region 4's Deer/elk season is only 3 weeks long, and ended Sunday.
    Today a buddy and I went calling in the closed area today.
    He lives 55 miles from me so we met at a central town and slid up north to try and call some coyotes. With the thought that now the people in orange are no longer ridge walking and flinging lead all over the place we may have a chance to calling a luck surviving coyote.
    Started out Early we both had to be back by noon. 250 mile round trip 6 sets a little rain a little snow some wind and some good conversation but no coyotes. Oh well.
    Still good times.
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    Hunting and fishing is our call to meet the pure nature and getaway from civilization, hunting is not not always successful as it's not just a sport but also luck. So I totally agree that every hunt, weather it's successful or not, gives us a lot of good time.

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