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    Tue- WIND

    wed - wind

    today wind ???

    Fri- calling for wind

    Sat- calling for more wind

    Sun- Still calling for wind.

    I went out this morning to get the paper, hummm no wind.

    Well I thought , it'll start soon.

    Had breakfast saw the wife off to work and still NO wind, HUMM.

    I wonder if it is going to blow soon , I checked the Computer. Well it was saying the wind is already supposed to be hard, check out the front door ,no wind.

    Yikes ! I better get my $hit together and go calling.

    I made it out to Power by 7:30 still very little wind from the west south west. I walked up the tracks on some BLM land about a 1/3 mile snuggled up to a fence post and started the FoxPro. I called for a 1/2 hour nothing. Went up by Cordova and did another set, same, nothing.

    I went back to the "Killing Fields" on the muddy walked way in and called for 40 minutes. Even though there is still very light wind and still no response.


    I did see a gopher on the far side of the creek. I took a shot and just missed. I thought I wonder if I re sighted the 6mm for the 55 gr predator bullets. The last time I USED the 6 was for deer and 80 gr Barnes tts. Better check. I had a box in the sub. Got to it and set it out a ways then checked with the range finder ,a little farther then planned but it'll work 223 yards.

    I set down on my but , with the coyote pad set the bi-pods and shot twice to check .


    YUP must have re sighted it in

    I wandered the back roads home by way of our state land north of town the wind had strengthened some but still very callable. I did a set to the west side and still no coyotes, humm?

    BUT I do know the 6mm is ready .


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