338/378 for elk ? YUP

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    My Boy And wife Put a small heard of elk to bed last night took a GPS point and went home after a tuff day of hunting . His wife the one that got the moose decided to stay home this morning and he went by him self. The wee hours of the morn found him tracking back on the GPS tracks and waiting for daylight.

    Sure enough the elk whir where they left them but the bull had wandered up the ridge Several hundred yards during the night.
    He said that the 5 or 6 cows seamed to be un interested in him so he slipped up the trail farther. He couldn't range the bull, out little crappy range finders crap out at around 400 yards. He ranged a tree and then guessed that the bull was standing looking over his shoulder looking at him was between 450 and 500 yards. We had shot the 338 at 500 when we where sighting it in so a little adjustment and he pulled the trigger.
    The familiar thump sound of a 250 gr barns hitting the side of an elk and it crumpled to the ground.

    He actually had cell service and he called for help.
    I was very lucky his good buddy that he just helped pack out an elk , 13 hours worth , was on his way and he brought 3 other big fire fighters too. One trip and the 1.8 miles was covered and elk in the truck.

    Home by 3 pm, nice...
    So see the 338/378 aint just for elephants any more.

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    That's one fine elk. Very convenient to have so many people nearby to help carry all that out. You be getting any of that elk meat to stuff in the freezer? Or you off on your own this year??
  3. Great result. Nice to have lots of help getting a bull elk out, i was lucky when i got mine last year. Looks like the same game cart i have in the UK.
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    Help is sweet.
    It meant I could stay at home with my feet up...
    He gave this elk to a needy family after the processor gets it finished.
    I gave my deer to a disabled buddy I used to work with.

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