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Hiking Gear on Sale

Hiking Gear on Sale

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Hiking gear, like all other merchandise, goes on sale or into clearance from time to time. And, thanks to the web, it has become pretty easy to track down what can be some incredibly good values on quality hiking gear.

So, to help visitors to this site save some money on quality hiking gear, I've put together this page. On this page you'll find links to a number of reputable retailers on the Internet that sell quality (repeat, quality) hiking and outdoor gear.

Links are provided to both the retailers home page as well as directly to their sale pages for specific types of products. Hopefully you'll find this page useful in tracking down good deals on hiking and other outdoor gear on the Internet. The following retailers are listed on this page :

  • Backcountry.Com (excellent place to find a huge selection of very high quality outdoor and technical gear)
  • Department of Goods : (the outlet store for Backcountry.Com)
  • Altrec.Com (another excellent source for outdoor gear. Also has a very nice line of paddling equipment)
  • Zappos (best place to find footwear and socks for hiking)
  • Cabela's (huge selection of hiking and other outdoor gear)
  • Sierra Trading Post (superb place to find discontinued and clearance items)
  • REI (the web site of the popular sporting good store)
  • REI Outlet (the outlet store for leftover good sold through REI)
  • Eastern Mountain Sports (excellent outdoor gear store found on the east coast). Also check out the EMS Outlet, too.
  • Orvis (limited selection of hiking gear, but the quality of what they do have is excellent)
  • Bass Pro Shops (more a fishing store than a place for hiking gear, but from time to time you can find some nice camping and hiking gear on sale)

On Sale at Backcountry.Com

Backcountry.Com is the best place on the Internet to locate quality hiking, camping and other outdoor gear. They provide free shipping on all orders over $50, too. Plus, these guys really do use the gear that they sell. As such, you won't find junk on their website. And when their products go on sale, you can really get some incredible deals on superb quality products.

On Sale at Zappos

Zappos is my preferred place for buying footwear online due to their great guarantee and free shipping (Why buy Boots at Zappos?). Listed below are links directly to various hiking boot sale pages on their website (Zappos sells only footwear, not other hiking gear).

On Sale at Cabela's

Cabela's has an extensive selection of hiking and other outdoor gear on sale on their website. Listed below are some links to places on Cabela's website where you can located outdoor and hiking gear on sale.

On Sale at Sierra Trading Post

Sierra Trading Post, in case you are not familiar with them, is an "outlet mall" that sells discontinued merchandise. The savings are incredible in comparison to what the stuff sold for when new. However, you won't find any "just released" items and what they have changes dramatically from day to day since they are an outlet store. Thus, if you see something you like, don't wait too long to get it.


On Sale at REI & REI Outlet

The REI outlet is the outlet store for the popular REI sporting good store. You can pick up many great deals as various merchandise get discontinued and replaced with newer items.

On Sale at Eastern Mountain Sports

Eastern Mountain Sports (known as EMS) runs a fine network of outdoor superstores on the east coast, particularly up in the New England area. They have a website that now sells all their gear. Their in-house products are first-rate, and occasionally go on sale.

On Sale at Bass Pro Shops 

Bass Pro Shops is primarily a fishing oriented store. However, they do have quite a bit of camping gear and hiking gear, much of which goes on sale from time to time.

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