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Old 07-18-2006, 06:57 PM
chrism chrism is offline
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Default Blackfoot Reservation fishing

I am interested in flyfishing some of the small rivers on the Blackfoot reservation (Badger, etc.). Does anybody have any information on this area. . . .where to get a tribal permit? cost of a tribal permit? types of flies used, etc. Any information would be appreciated.

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Old 07-18-2006, 08:10 PM
ffffg ffffg is offline
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i went to browning (city) this spring to fish and the pemit there was about 65 for the season and about half that for three days..they were selling them at the grocery store.. i dont know if browning is on the blackfoot res or not.. but they shouldnt vary too much from that.. fly fishing is a science to its own.. i dont know your skills but ill give a quick rundown.. when you arrive at an unknown stream you take a fine mesh screen with two sticks on each end about 2x2 feet is plenty and hold it in the current and see what bugs are coming down stream.. try one that looks like it on the bottom bouncing and in the film on top, or use the fly copying those that are comming off the surface. match color and size and you dont want to have any drag on the fly making it look unatural.. when you catch a fish you can use a stomack pump to see what theyare eating and match that from your fly box or get some that match up at a store near there.. .. its a never ending thing, im always being amazed that the little buggers are eating something ive never heard of before.. only professional fly shops have some of the best fly for certain days in thier area.. other days plain caddis work great.. talk to guys you see fishing there and go buy what he or she is using.. presentation of the fly properly with the right color and size is quite important, and do not scare the fish.. always wade upstream for instance... dave...

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Old 07-19-2006, 05:14 AM
Jim Jim is offline
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Default Fly fishing the Blackfeet Indian Reservation


fffg is right - you can pick up a tribal permit in Browning - the largest city on the reservation. You can also probably - but not necessarily - pick one up in St. Mary too, at one of the grocery stores up there. Last but not least, I know you can pick up a permit at the little general store up on Duck Lake.

Be prepared for wind - the Blackfeet Reservation, like other areas on the Rocky Mountain Front - is notoriously windy at times. Maybe you'll get lucky and hit one of the calm days, but don't count on it!

I really have no idea what the trout fishing is like on the little creeks/streams that meander their way through the reservation itself, though. I know Duck Lake has excellent fishing, but you really need a boat to fish that. The other river that looks like it holds promise is the St. Mary River, downstream a bit from the lake.

Anyways, good luck and let us know how you do.

Big Sky Fishing.Com Administrator
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