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Bears & Grizzly Bears

Bears & Grizzly Bear Gifts

Few things in Montana say "Montana" like the Grizzly Bear, or Bears in general. Montana has the largest concentration of Grizzly Bears in the Lower 48. And believe me, if you spend enough time wandering around in Glacier National Park, you'll see them for yourself sooner or later.

And so in celebration of Montana's unofficial mascot (and official animal, by the way), I've included some things about Grizzly Bears on this page. What is shown spans a wide range of products from different stores. Hence, the page is kind of weird compared to other pages. But oh well.

Products from Allposters and Black Forest Decor are shown below.

Bear Posters

OK. Shown in the little section below, are various grizzly bear photographs that are available via Allposters. Any of the photographs can be framed as well. I've ordered through Allposters before and had no complaints, so hopefully you won't either.

I'm only showing 20 or so products, but Allposters has like hundreds of different photographs of Girzzly Bears available. So if you don't see anything you like, follow this link to See the Whole Assortment of Grizzly Bear Photos at Allposters.

Bear Home Decor

If you ever come to Montana, don't be surprised to see local businesses "loaded up" with all things "Bears", with all sorts of strange things lying around. Shown below is a sampling of what you can find in the Bear Home Decor section over on Black Forest Decor. They have some neat stuff.

Standing Bear Toilet Bear Holder
The Standing Bear Toilet Paper Holder adds rustic whimsy to your bathroom. Holder measures 12"H. Add a sense of fun to your bathroom with the playfulness of this Standing Bear Toilet Paper Holder.

Andy Treat Jar
An adorable bear beckons you to enjoy a snack from the Andy Treat Jar. Bringing a touch of whimsy to your décor, this glazed ceramic jar measures 6"W x 9"H x 7-1/2"L.

Bear Fishing Desk Set
The expertly crafted Bear Fishing Desk Set is the perfect decorating detail for home or office. This handsome and functional piece is made from cast resin and measures 7"W x 5"H x 10-1/2"L. The pen is included.

Bear Napkin Holders
A cute napkin holder. Measures 6 1/2" wide, 7" deep, and 7" tall.

As a sidenote, the handful of things shown above is just a tiny, itsy, bitsy selection of "bear related things" you can find over at Black Forest Decor. They have tables, lamps, chairs, clocks and just about everything else done up in "bear." So to see all the stuff, head over to Black Forest Decor and click on the "Bear Decor" link on the left side menu.

Books About Bears and Grizzly Bears

Just a few books about Grizzly Bears. Amazon has tons of them, but the ones below seemed interesting and/or heavy with photographs. You can also see all Grizzly Bear Related Books over on Amazon.Com too.

Face to Face With Grizzlies
Ever been face-to-face with a grizzly bear? Joel Sartore has—and he lived to tell this and other great tales in Face to Face with Grizzlies. Through stunning photography and engaging storytelling, this National Geographic expert takes you into the bears' world. Witness a mother bear charge a human intruder. Watch male bears battle. Find out the grizzly's idea of a fast-food take-out.

Grizzly Bear Family Book
Grade 3-5-A year in the life of Alaskan grizzly bears is presented through the eyes of a superb nature photographer. Readers see the challenges each season brings; behavior and habitat are presented in both the outstanding full-color photographs and in the narrative.

In The Company of Wild Bears
Smith (Yellowstone Memories) delivers a loving tribute to the Ursidae family that will delight animal enthusiasts and could even make a convert of famed (and faux) bear-hater Stephen Colbert. Smith combines accounts of his true-life encounters with bears across North America, from Alaska's Talkeetna Mountains to the Grand Teton and Shenandoah National Parks, with no-nonsense sidebars that dispense useful information for people interested in seeing bears firsthand.

See All Grizzly Bear Related Books on Amazon

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