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Inflatable Catamaran Kayaks

Inflatable Catamaran Kayaks

The Sea Eagle 435 Catamaran Kayak

So, what is a catamaran kayak? As the name suggests, a catamaran kayak is a multi-hull kayak, sort of resembling a multi-hull sailboat in design. Like all inflatable boats, catamaran kayaks have their good points and their bad points - all of which depend on what you will use the boat for. If your uses of an inflatable boat match up with what an inflatable catamaran kayak provides, you'll find that these boats from Sea Eagle are superb, and enjoyable, investments.

Graphic Look at a Sea Eagle Catamaran Kayak

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Model Available

Sea Eagle 435ps Inflatable Catamaran Kayak

The larger Sea Eagle 435 PaddleSki is for folks who want more space and the ability to take more gear. The larger size, and larger 14" diameter tubes, make this model ideal for extended camping. Despite the fact that it is larger and a bit heavier, it is still easy for one person to handle in or out of the water. The capacity of this kayak is 650 pounds.

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Is a Catamaran Kayak for You?

A catamaran kayak isn't for everyone. So let's go over who might like them - and who might not!

For Fishing

Anyone who needs a portable fishing boat has found a good one with a catamaran kayak. These boats make excellent fishing platforms, for both fly fishing and spin fishing. Better yet, for anyone who needs a boat for lake fishing, you have the option to add either a rowing frame or, easier on the arms, a motor to this boat. You can even stand up for fishing, although do be careful - the boat is stable but it isn't a bass boat, either!

Whitewater Rafting

The catamaran kayaks from Sea Eagle are rated for Class IV whitewater. These boats are about equal to the other inflatable kayaks made by Sea Eagle for whitewater use, although I do think that these boats are a bit less maneuverable and slower to adjust due to the multi-hull design. Thus, for TRUE whitewate use of extensive Class IV rapids, consider going with a standard inflatable kayak instead. Otherwise, for the occasional Class IV whitewater and lots of Class III or less, these inflatable catamaran kayaks are excellent choices.

Multi-Night River Trips

If you plan on spending multiple nights out on a river trip, either here in Montana or elsewhere, these kayaks are superb choices.

Additionally, this kayas can be used in all-weather conditions, from freezing cold to nice and hot.

Sailing! - Yep, catamaran kayaks can sail! Granted, they aren't a luxury sailboat and aren't meant for the big and deep open ocean, but for all-around lake sailing, these boats work quite well. Just buy the optional sail for it (note, the sail is optional!), and you're all set.

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