Sea Eagle 420x Inflatable Kayak Review

The Sea Eagle 420 kayak is the "longer brother" of the smaller Sea Eagle 380x (read review). As the features of these boats are exactly identical, you can learn more about the 420x by reading the review I wrote up for the boat I personally own, the Sea Eagle 380x.

The only differences between the 420x and the 380x inflatable kayaks are in terms of size and capacity. Other than that, these kayaks are identical in all other ways.

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Which to Choose - The Sea Eagle 380x or the Sea Eagle 420x?

If you've narrowed down your choices in inflatable kayaks to either the 420x or the slightly shorter 380x (good choices by the way!), the natural question is, which one should you get?

Well, let me try to answer that as I had the same question myself not too long ago.

The Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Kayak

Solo Paddling - Definitely go with the 380x, especially if most of your paddling will be done on rivers. The 420x is still maneuverable for solo paddlers, but there's no doubt the 380x is easier to handle in swift flows. Moreover, the 380x is plenty big enough for a solo paddler and any gear that is needed for overnight or multinight trips. For solo paddlers, unless you need to haul as much gear as possible on flat water (aka...lakes), there's no reason to get the 420x.

For all other uses - Get the 420x. The 420x doesn't cost much more but is far more comfortable for 2 people (more leg room) and can take three people "in a pinch". And if those two people will have gear, the 420x is mandatory. And finally, if you are a solo paddler, will pack lots of gear along and still want to have a "relatively roomy" kayak - the 420x is still nice provided you stay on flat water.

That said, solo paddlers who plan to run lots of Class III whitewater or above, get the 380x. That "little bit extra" maneuverability can make the difference between zooming between the rocks and hitting them square on in big rapids.

Accessories for the Sea Eagle 420x & 380x Kayaks

Sea Eagle sells a multitude of accessories for their kayaks. Some you need. Others you don't but might be nice to have. However, for their inflatable kayaks, I recommend the following must-have "add-on's."

Stow Bags - These bags are invaluable. You'll use them constantly. In particular, these bags are by far the best way to store the manual air pump, hose, repair kit and other "kayak necessities" while out on the water. More info about Stow Bags at Sea Eagle.

Pro Paddles - The pro paddles from Sea Eagle are just that - nearly indestructible pro kayaking paddles. Mandatory if you run whitewater or go out on multi-day trips. These paddles come with some of the packages available for the 420x, but can be added on to the packages where they aren't standard. More Information about these paddles.

Deluxe Kayak Seat - Comfortable AND secure. Ideal seats for running rapids or when out on very long trips. This seat comes standard with some packages, but can be added on to other packages. More Information about This Seat.

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