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Montana is full of water, boasting some of the finest rivers in the United States. And not only do these wonderful rivers provide some of the finest fly fishing you'll find, these same rivers also provide outstanding recreational floating.

I cover the rivers in Montana extensively throughout this site, providing countless photos, detailed fishing information and paddling information for over forty rivers. Because of this, along with my own interest in recreating on the beautiful rivers of Montana, I've put together a large section on this site that details with "floating related products" that might be of interest to Big Sky Fishing.Com visitors.

This page is the starting place to learn more about the wide variety of products that are available for river floating, whether you want/need any of these products, read some buying guides to help you find the right gear, and dive into a few of my own reviews about various inflatable rafts and kayaks.

Fishing Boats - There are all sorts of boats you can use for fishing. Learn more about them and browse through listings of a wide variety of pontoon boats, float tubes and drift boats.

Inflatable Boats - Inflatable boats, such as inflatable rafts and inflatable kayaks, are wonderful ways to enjoy the water in Montana. They make both excellent fishing and recreational floating platforms. Learn more about them, read our in-depth buying guides along with several detailed reviews.

Water Footwear - Yes, these are strange shoes. But...they are also highly functional, allowing for dry and warm feet and excellent traction on slippery surfaces. Learn more about f water shoes and water sandals.

Dry Bags - Keeping your gear dry is essential while on the river. Learn more about dry bags or browse product listings for dry boxes, dry bags for electronics and other items.

Paddling Books - There is always something to learn to improve your skills while on the water. See a selection of books about kayaking and canoeing.

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