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Dry Boxes

Dry Boxes

So what the heck is a dry box? Well, a dry box is a box designed to keep the contents dry, as the name suggests. In essence, dry boxes are basically dry bags in the shape of a hardsided and rather tough box. They are best used for carrying those awkard and/or fragile things - such as full sized cameras or camcorders or kitchen stoves - that don't fit well inside a standard dry bag and that need to stay dry at all times.

Feel free to read the Dry Bags Guide for some other tidbits of information, too.

All of these dry bags shown below are available through NRS.

Dry Boxes

Eddy Out Aluminum Dry Box 36L x 16H x 16D

Eddy Out Aluminum Dry Box 38L x 16H x 13D

Eddy Out Kitchen Dry Box

Eddy Out Replacement Gasket for Aluminum Box

Eddy Out Replacement Latch For Aluminum Box

NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box

NRS Canyon Camping Dry Box

NRS Cylinder Dry Case

Pelican Case - 1120 Dry Box

Pelican Case - 1150 Dry Box

Pelican Case - 1170 Dry Box

Pelican Case - 1200 Dry Box

Pelican Case - 1300 Dry Box

Pelican Case - 1400 Dry Box

Pelican Case - 1450 Dry Box

Pelican Case - 1500 Dry Box

Pelican Case - 1526 Dry Box & Bag

Pelican Case - 1550 Dry Box

Pelican Case - 1600 Dry Box

Pelican Case - Replacement "O" Rings

Pelican Case Overnight Laptop Dry Box - 1510

Pelican Computer Case-Deluxe - 1490

Pelican HardBack Case - 1085

Pelican HardBack Case with Liner - 1095

Pelican Micro Cases

Replacement Foam for Pelican Cases

Prices are subject to change. Use prices as a guide only.

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