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Camping outdoors during the winter months can be, well, darn cold. Then again, it IS winter, so what do you expect? And one of the leading reasons for miserable winter camping experiences is a poor sleeping bag. All too typically, many people who camp out in the winter for the first time try to "gerry rig" their 3 season sleeping bag by using liners, wearing clothes and by using little chemical foot heaters.

And surprise, surprise, all too often these same people have absolutely miserable nights! Ultimately, when it comes to winter camping, there is no replacement for a four season winter sleeping bag. To put it bluntly, if you camp out in below zero weather, you should have a winter sleeping bag - and a good one at that.

The big question about winter sleeping bags is what type to get. For general 3 season use, I personally find synthetic bags a better option due to their flexibility. However, for four season use, nothing beats a goose down sleeping bag. The goose down is warmer and significantly less bulky than a winter synthetic sleeping bag. As such, if you can afford it, I would highly recommend getting a goose down bag for winter weather uses.

And lastly, for true winter camping, get a -40 degree bag. A 0 degree bag is nothing more than a bag for 3 season use in colder, higher elevation climates. For true winter camping, a -40 degree bag is essential if you really want to stay warm and not worry about the weather.

Shown below are some high quality, goose down sleeping bags for 4-season use. If unsure about what brand to go with, consider getting a bag from The North Face. Their products are, quite simply, excellent. All are available through Backcountry.Com.

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