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Crux X1 Assault Tent: 2-Person 4-Season

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When venturing into the alpine, arm yourself with the Crux X1 4-Season, 2-Person Assault Tent. Made with Crux's X-tex fabric, this single-wall tent is unique to traditional single-wall tents since it utilizes a carbon-activated PU coating to promote breathability and prevent condensation from occurring along the inner walls of the tent. This is achieved by allowing moisture to pass though the fabric in both a vaporous and liquid state, so condensation in the tent doesn't get trapped as with traditional waterproof, breathable membranes. Even more unique, is that fact that the fabric remains dry to the touch throughout the process. A central roof vent along with a mesh panel located at the door further promotes comfort. A burly, 70-denier groundsheet provides a sturdy place to set up shop, and a lightweight carbon coated vestibule makes for a great place to cook dinner and boil water for your evening tea. The tent comes with three lightweight Yunan poles, ten alloy square-section stakes, and four 2-way Dyneema guylines fitted with mini Linelok adjusters for a solid setup that will hold up in the face of ripping high alpine winds.

Price : $ 748.95

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Winter Tents Checklist

Quality? Thankfully, most four-season tents are high-quality. You can't go wrong getting a tent by The North Face, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear or Black Diamond.
Don't Get Too Big! Due to the bulk of winter camping gear, many people get "too large" of a tent. Unless you truly have use for a large tent (due to having more people), it's better to match the tent's size to the number of people.
Smaller Tents Stay Warmer. A smaller tent will stay warmer with the same people in it. Thus, a tent designed for four people (but which has only two people in it), will not be as warm as a two-person tent with two people in it. Yes, it's common sense, but many people forget about it.
Convertible Tents? There are a few four-season winter tents that are known as "convertible tents," working for both three season and four-season uses. These tents are alright for late fall/early spring use where there exists a high probability of winter weather. However, convertible tents are NOT ideal for either intense winter camping OR normal three-season use.
If You Camp in Both Winter And Summer. Instead of getting a convertible tent, it's best to get one dedicated tent for three-season use and another for dedicated four-season use. It's not necessarily anymore expensive, either.

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