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Mammut Sphere UL Winter Sleeping Bag: 5 Degree Down

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Thanks to its ProlightTX fabric, the Mammut Sphere UL 5 Degree Down Winter Sleeping Bag is exceptionally light, compressible, and more importantly, warm. One of the lightest bags in Mammut's line of bomber sleeping bags, this winter bag will keep you warm when you're exploring cold and high environments, without adding a bunch of excess weight to your backpack. The bag's outer fabric is treated with a DWR finish for water resistance. The hood of the bag is designed to provide a full field of vision even when it is completely cinched down. Wave-shaped baffles prevent down migration and eliminate cold spots from developing throughout the night. The ergonomically designed foot box gives your feet some wiggle room while you sleep and enhances the overall warmth of the foot area.

Price : $ 579.95

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Winter Sleeping Bags Checklist

Insulation Type? For winter camping, nothing is better than high-quality goose down. It's warmer and less bulky. Yes, synthetic bags are ok (and less expensive), but for wintner camping...goose down rules.
Temperature Rating? Get a bag rated to -40 degrees. Remember, just because a bag is rated to -40, doesn't mean it will keep you warm at that temperature. Always be safe and "add 10 to 20" degrees onto the temperature rating of a sleeping bag.
Don't Forget the Sleeping Pad! A winter sleeping bag is useless without a thick sleeping pad. So, if you don't already have a sleeping pad designed for winter, be sure to get one. Remember, sleeping pads are designed for BOTH warmth and comfort!
Don't Jerry-Rig a Three Season Bag for Winter Use. It's not really possible to "jerry rig" a three season bag to make it suitable for winter use. Many good three-season bags keep you warmer when you sleep without clothing. About the best you can do to "winterize" a three-season bag is to insert a sleeping bag liner. But it's still a sorry substitute for a quality four-season bag.

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