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Kelty Ignite 0/EN 9 Sleeping Bag: 0 Degree Down

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Everyone would agree that light and fluffy down feathers provide the ultimate in insulation--except when they're wet. That's why Kelty protects the valuable down in the Ignite 0/EN 9 Down Sleeping BagIgnite with a hydrophobic treatment on individual plumes to help keep it lofty and efficient. This high-tech treatment not only keeps the down drierand, therefore, warmerit also helps it to dry quickly after a monsoon-like event, so not all is lost if it does get soaked. Box-baffle construction, draft collar, and form-fitting hood add to this bag's cold-weather-defying, soporific power.

Price : $ 329.95

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Winter Sleeping Bags Checklist

Insulation Type? For winter camping, nothing is better than high-quality goose down. It's warmer and less bulky. Yes, synthetic bags are ok (and less expensive), but for wintner camping...goose down rules.
Temperature Rating? Get a bag rated to -40 degrees. Remember, just because a bag is rated to -40, doesn't mean it will keep you warm at that temperature. Always be safe and "add 10 to 20" degrees onto the temperature rating of a sleeping bag.
Don't Forget the Sleeping Pad! A winter sleeping bag is useless without a thick sleeping pad. So, if you don't already have a sleeping pad designed for winter, be sure to get one. Remember, sleeping pads are designed for BOTH warmth and comfort!
Don't Jerry-Rig a Three Season Bag for Winter Use. It's not really possible to "jerry rig" a three season bag to make it suitable for winter use. Many good three-season bags keep you warmer when you sleep without clothing. About the best you can do to "winterize" a three-season bag is to insert a sleeping bag liner. But it's still a sorry substitute for a quality four-season bag.

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