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Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy 600 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Women's

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The Sierra Designs Women's Mobile Mummy 600 Sleeping Bag allows you to enjoy the downy comforts of your sleeping bag while you stroll about camp with a hot toddy in hand. The award-winning design of the Mobile Mummy bag places zipperless ports at the shoulders and at the foot of the bag; this allows you to fold back the bottom of the sleeping bag, leaving your feet free to take a little stroll. The jacket-styled hood fits snugly around your face, without any annoying cords or toggles hanging from it. For insulation, the bag is stuffed with a 600-fill hydrophobic down that will retain insulating properties if the bag happens to get wet. A draft collar, tube, and curtains at the arm ports and foot box prevent warm air from escaping when you're ready to hit the hay.

Price : $ 279.95

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Three Season Sleeping Bags Checklist

Down vs. Synthetic. The age-old question. Down bags pack down tighter and are a few ounces lighter. On the negative side, they are useless when wet, often take forever to dry (and many can't be tossed into a dryer), and tend to be more expensive.
Heading Out in Wet Weather? Then get a synthetic sleeping bag...period. This way, if your bag gets wet, you won't have a useless sleeping bag for the rest of your trip.
Float Camping? Again...get a synthetic bag. Be a bummer to have your bag end up in the water and become useless for the rest of your float trip.
Where Ounces and Packability Matter. Then go with a goose down bag. This is especially true if you are a bike camper, climber or camp in the desert.

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