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Mountain Equipment Glacier 750 -15C Sleeping Bag: 5F Degree Down

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When your adventures take you to far-flung regions of the world, make sure you're properly set up with the Mountain Equipment Glacier 750 Sleeping Bag. Drilite Loft face fabric is water-resistant, so your bag will continue keeping you warm in situations where other sleeping bags would be reduced to a sodden, dripping mess. Speaking of keeping you warm, the Glacier features lofty, warm 725-fill down insulation that will have you sleeping like a baby, or something that sleeps more consistently maybe. Trapezoid baffles help keep the down in place so it doesn't all end up in one spot, leaving you cold in the rest. A baffled hood and draft collar keep the heat inside where it needs to be, and a full-length side zipper makes things easy as can be.

Price : $ 540

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Three Season Sleeping Bags Checklist

Down vs. Synthetic. The age-old question. Down bags pack down tighter and are a few ounces lighter. On the negative side, they are useless when wet, often take forever to dry (and many can't be tossed into a dryer), and tend to be more expensive.
Heading Out in Wet Weather? Then get a synthetic sleeping bag...period. This way, if your bag gets wet, you won't have a useless sleeping bag for the rest of your trip.
Float Camping? Again...get a synthetic bag. Be a bummer to have your bag end up in the water and become useless for the rest of your float trip.
Where Ounces and Packability Matter. Then go with a goose down bag. This is especially true if you are a bike camper, climber or camp in the desert.

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