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Hagl Leo -10C Sleeing Bag: 14F Degree Down

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The thought of rolling out your sleeping mat and sleeping bag on the cold hard ground when you know you have a warm bed sitting alone at home, can pretty quickly zap your appetite for adventure. But, you won't miss the comforts as home quite as much if you have the Haglofs Leo 14F Degree Down Sleeping Bag to curl up in. Being the lightest offering from Haglofs, the Leo weighs just around two pounds in both sizes, making it a great bag for ultralight backpacking trips and alpine traverses.The Leo is made with Pertex Quantum fabric to allow the down fibers to reach maximum loft for enhanced thermal efficiency. The fabric is water-resistant to protect the down fill from moisture, and it is breathable, so you won't end up sweating into the down during those nights with borderline temperatures. The tight mummy shape is thermally efficient and has an ergonomically shaped hood and footbox, giving the bag a more comfortable fit from a traditional mummy shape. A box baffle construction eliminates heat-loss through the stitching and a waterproof stuff sack with roll-top closure ensures your bag stays dry when you pack gets rained on or takes a swim during a sketchy creek crossing.

Price : $ 660

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Three Season Sleeping Bags Checklist

Down vs. Synthetic. The age-old question. Down bags pack down tighter and are a few ounces lighter. On the negative side, they are useless when wet, often take forever to dry (and many can't be tossed into a dryer), and tend to be more expensive.
Heading Out in Wet Weather? Then get a synthetic sleeping bag...period. This way, if your bag gets wet, you won't have a useless sleeping bag for the rest of your trip.
Float Camping? Again...get a synthetic bag. Be a bummer to have your bag end up in the water and become useless for the rest of your float trip.
Where Ounces and Packability Matter. Then go with a goose down bag. This is especially true if you are a bike camper, climber or camp in the desert.

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