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Kelty Dualist 35 Sleeping Bag: 35 Degree ThermaDri

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Sure, the Kelty Dualist 35 Degree ThermaDri Sleeping Bag is a hybrid, but not in some, "doesn't really do anything well," sense. Indeed, its combination of 550-fill DriDown and ThermaPro synthetic insulation actually make it lighter and more packable than a pure synthetic bag and more water-resistant and durable than a traditional down bag. The water-resistant down is layered inside the polyester taffeta shell, while the ThermaPro sits next to your body, providing plenty of warmth and cushioning. This combo gives the Dualist a three-season-worthy EN rating of 34 degrees, so you can comfortably take it on most spring, summer, and fall excursions without worrying about waking up shivering. A zippered draft tube, draft collar, and neck drawcord make sure your hard-earned heat doesn't escape, while the two-way no-snag zipper will save you the hassle of having to perform emergency zipper surgery in the middle of a chilly night.

Price : $ 109.95

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Lightweight Sleeping Bags Checklist

Sure It's Warm Enough? Lightweight bags are meant for use in weather between 30-50 degrees. But, remember, it's always prudent to add on at least 10 degrees to the bags rating. Thus, a bag rated to 40 degrees might only keep you warm in 50 degree weather.
Down or Synthetic? Each have their advantages. Down is less bulky and weighs a few ounces less. Synthetic costs less (usually) and is easier to dry - you can just toss it in the dryer.
Don't Forget the Sleeping Pad! A sleeping bag is useless without a sleeping pad. So, if you don't already have a sleeping pad, get one. For lightweight sleeping bags (thus used in warm weather), you don't need a super thick or winter-style one.
Ideal Uses for a Lightweight Bag. Where you know...for sure...that the temperature will stay at least 10-15 degrees above the sleeping bags rating. And, where every ounce and cubic inch of space is at a premium. Lightweight bags are often used by climbers and bike campers/travelers. For backpacking in the mountains, a lightweight bag is NOT recommended!

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