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Crux Torpedo 350 Sleeping Bag: 41 Degree Down

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Just because it's not frigid doesn't mean you want to be schlepping around a low-tech sleeping bag. Crux doesn't do low tech, and the Torpedo 350 41 Degree Down Sleeping Bag is a seriously light, dry, and versatile bag for all your summer and low-altitude adventures. The Torpedo doesn't feel like much, at well under three pounds, but the ethically sourced EU 850+ Polish goose down is incredibly warm for its weight (the 850+ European rating is actually closer to 925+ in the American system) and the draft tube, adjustable neck baffle, and chest-covering v-tube add plenty of warmth and comfort. If you prefer to sleep under the stars, the Torpedo's 2L eVent membrane is right up your alley. It'll keep water from sneaking into your bag and turning all that down into a soggy mess, and it breathes well to make sure you don't wake up sweaty on warmer summer nights. The nylon shell is incredibly tough for its weight, while the Pertex Quantum lining feels great against skin and prevents down plumes from poking you or escaping in the middle of the night. Cruz also includes a cotton storage sack and a roll-top stuff sack to keep your bag safe, because you can't, unfortunately, spend all your time sleeping.

Price : $ 898.95

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Lightweight Sleeping Bags Checklist

Sure It's Warm Enough? Lightweight bags are meant for use in weather between 30-50 degrees. But, remember, it's always prudent to add on at least 10 degrees to the bags rating. Thus, a bag rated to 40 degrees might only keep you warm in 50 degree weather.
Down or Synthetic? Each have their advantages. Down is less bulky and weighs a few ounces less. Synthetic costs less (usually) and is easier to dry - you can just toss it in the dryer.
Don't Forget the Sleeping Pad! A sleeping bag is useless without a sleeping pad. So, if you don't already have a sleeping pad, get one. For lightweight sleeping bags (thus used in warm weather), you don't need a super thick or winter-style one.
Ideal Uses for a Lightweight Bag. Where you know...for sure...that the temperature will stay at least 10-15 degrees above the sleeping bags rating. And, where every ounce and cubic inch of space is at a premium. Lightweight bags are often used by climbers and bike campers/travelers. For backpacking in the mountains, a lightweight bag is NOT recommended!

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