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Pet Gear Designer Pet Cot - Tan Bone (30)

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Raises your pet off the damp, dirty ground and away from pesky bugs. The cot self stabilizes to prevent rocking on uneven surfaces and folds flat for compact storage. Powder-coated steel frame will not rust. Mesh ensures air circulation. Sizes: 30L x 20W x 6.5H 40L x 28W x 7.5H 50L x 34W x 7.5H Colors: Sage, Tan. Size: 30. Color: Tan Bone.

Price : $ 44.99

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Cots Checklist

Cot Pad or Airbed on Top? Good's and bad's to each. Cot pads are easier to setup (just roll them out), but are bulkier and heavier. Airbeds have to be inflated, but take little room when packed and are light. I vote for the cot pad, myself.
Any Accessories? Some cots have a myriad of accessories available. Do you need them? Who knows...but it's something to think about.
Why Do I Need a Cot Pad or Airbed? Warmth and Comfort! Both insulate the sleeper from the cold air below the cot. And both add extra softness for a good night's sleep.
How Long? Better to have a cot that is a "touch to long" than a "touch to short."
Does Weight Matter? Unless your packing your cot into the wilderness by horse, weight probably isn't an issue. But, if it does matter, read each cots specs carefully...some of them can be quite heavy (over 30 pounds).
Weight Capacity. Check the weight capacity of the cot. Some cots can be a bit "wimpy" in how much weight they can safely and comfortably hold.

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