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Camp Chef Somerset II Two-Burner Stove

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Move beyond burgers and dogs during your next backyard cookout with the Camp Chef Somerset II Two-Burner Stove. The Somerset II offers the power and versatility to create anything from grilled steaks, to salmon, fresh artisan pizza or even French toast. Designed as one of Camp Chef's 16in cooking systems, this outdoor range is extremely versatile and allows you to go beyond grilling only by adding optional accessories such as a Camp Chef griddle or even a pizza oven. You'll have the power, space, and ability to grill, griddle, bake, boil, fry, or even cook with a Dutch oven right on the comfort of your back patio. Foldable side shelves, matchless ignition, and roller wheels are included for convenience. The Somerset II offers endless menu options for cooking out on your patio.

Price : $ 355

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Camping Stoves Checklist

What Type of Stove? For general campground use, get a campground/propane stove. They are far easier to cook with, and have more options, than a backpacking stove.
Fuel Type? A dual fuel stove is always handy, especially for a backpacking stove. However, for general camping use with a campground/propane stove, it's still hard to beat propane. You can buy propane canisters nearly anywhere.
For Backpacking... My preference are liquid fuel stoves. They are more versatile and fuel costs are lower. Still, there are some advantages to canister stoves...especially if you don't mind the higher fuel cost that goes with them.
Don't Invite the Bears to Dinner! When in Montana or Yellowstone Park, the number #1 way to invite a bear to dinner is to leave your stove (and pots/pans) lying around right after cooking. So...don't be lazy. Clean-up once you're done cooking and put your stove in your vehicle.

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