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Imagine this-- freshly foraged chicken of the woods filets, pan cooked over an open fire courtesy of the BioLite CampStove, served with a side of wilted dandelion greens, and aromatic rosemary sprinkled atop warm, buttery rice. If your mouth is watering with anticipation and dreams of recreating such an idyllic, delicious scenario, you're in luck because the CampStove can make your gourmet camp food dreams a reality. Thanks to such an innovative stove, long gone are the days when your vittles were restricted to watery mac'n'cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, and questionable dehydrated food. The CampStove doesn't just provide savory meals--it's a stove, electrical power, and heat source all rolled into one. This convenient, self-sustaining stove is about the size of a 32 oz, BPA free water bottle, emanates smokeless flames, and its' advantageous powerpack easily nests within the heat mesh stove (just make sure the stove has cooled down before nesting). In place of cumbersome, excessive, and rather expensive fuel canisters, this easy-to-use stove only desires to be fueled with scrounged up twigs, pinecones, or any other flammable biomass that you discover whilst travelling. So you can forget about those eyebrow-raising fuel receipts and spend your money more wisely elsewhere, like on additional delicious frothy beverages or s'mores supplies. One of the most appealing aspects of the CampStove is its intuitive recycling of energy. While your chicken of the woods simmers in a sea of butter, your phone charges in 20 minutes time, providing an additional 60 minutes of talk time to the pre-existing battery life. However, in order to harness the electricity that's required to charge your phone, lights, or squirrel-sized jet pack, the BioLite's patented core technology captures otherwise wasted fire-heat through a heat probe attached to the brightly colored, orange powerpack. The powerpack then converts the heat into usable electricity via a thermoelectric generator--this lit

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Camping Stoves Checklist

What Type of Stove? For general campground use, get a campground/propane stove. They are far easier to cook with, and have more options, than a backpacking stove.
Fuel Type? A dual fuel stove is always handy, especially for a backpacking stove. However, for general camping use with a campground/propane stove, it's still hard to beat propane. You can buy propane canisters nearly anywhere.
For Backpacking... My preference are liquid fuel stoves. They are more versatile and fuel costs are lower. Still, there are some advantages to canister stoves...especially if you don't mind the higher fuel cost that goes with them.
Don't Invite the Bears to Dinner! When in Montana or Yellowstone Park, the number #1 way to invite a bear to dinner is to leave your stove (and pots/pans) lying around right after cooking. So...don't be lazy. Clean-up once you're done cooking and put your stove in your vehicle.

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