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Sierra Designs Flash 3 UL Tent: 3-Person 3-Season

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The Sierra Designs Flash 3 UL Tent keeps the same space and luxury as its heavier version, but it's much lighter to suit the needs of ultralight backpackers. What makes this tent superlight is its hybrid wall construction, which blends the benefits of both double-wall and single-wall constructions so you get a tent that's as light as a single-wall yet weather-protective like a double-wall. This innovative design also helps you set the tent up quickly in bad weather, and its steep walls and high ceiling give more space than conventional backpacking tents without any added weight. The gear closets also have plenty of space for multiple backpacks and several pairs of shoes, and Sierra Designs set places each closet perpendicular to the doors so you don't have to climb over all your gear to get in and out. Sierra designs built both the fly and the floor out of nylon ripstop for durability without the weight, and the body features no-see-um mesh walls that provide an ample amount of airflow for the warmer nights. The thin DAC NSL poles are surprisingly strong for how light they are, and the 15-in integrated awning poles maximize the tent's space without adding the weight of another support pole. This superlight tent will serve you with comfort, luxury, and a good night's sleep whether you're trekking across a great distance or simply camping in your backyard. It fits three people snugly or gives elbow room when it's just you and another backpacking buddy.

Price : $ 499.95

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Backpacking Tents Checklist

Weight Matters! For two people, any backpacking tent should weigh less than six-pounds...preferably less.
Don't Forget the Bulk. Packing a bulky tent sucks. Make sure it packs down tightly, ideally packing down to about 10x20 inches (smaller is better).
Mesh Matters. As a general rule, the more mesh, the lighter the tent. For warmer three-season use, usually, the more mesh you have, the better. Not only does the mesh save weight, but also allows for better air-flow.
Vestibules & The Rain. An often forget detail about backpacking tents are the vestibule. The vestibule provides a little canopy in front of your tent. Not needed during good weather, but absolutely needed during wet weather. Try to get one that is about 5 sq. feet large, or larger.
Speaking of Rain... Make sure the entire floor of the tent is waterproof. Most are, but if the tent says the floor is just "water resistant"...don't buy it! You'll regret it the first time your sleeping in it during the rain.
Remember the Footprint! Virtually all good backpacking tents also come with "footprints," which are essentially waterproof and tough tarps cut-out in the shape of the tent. Buy It! Not only does it enhance the tent's waterproofing, it also protects the bottom of the tent. Yes, they aren't cheap. But they are a lot cheaper than replacing the tent due to a sharp stick tearing a hole in the floor of your expensive backpacking tent!

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