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Big Agnes Super Scout UL 2-Person 3-Season Tent

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Master the elements! Earn badges! Leave no trace! Build fires in the rain! If these scouty pastimes are your cup of tea, or if you're just an ultralight backpacker who values minimalism and covering tons of ground above all else, Big Agnes has the shelter for you: the Super Scout UL 2-Person 3-Season Tent. It sets up using two trekking poles, needing only a 20in foot support and stakes to build a waterproof, cozy two-person shelter that weighs in at just over two pounds, even factoring in the massive vestibule that'll hold more boots and packs than you can bring with you--honestly, it's big enough to sit in comfortably. All the Scout's seams are taped, and eaves cover the mesh vents to make sure no water gets into your sleeping bag. There are two interior storage bins, and reflective webbing and guylines to help you avoid tripping on your tent in the dark and sending the whole thing to the ground.

Price : $ 399.95

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Backpacking Tents Checklist

Weight Matters! For two people, any backpacking tent should weigh less than six-pounds...preferably less.
Don't Forget the Bulk. Packing a bulky tent sucks. Make sure it packs down tightly, ideally packing down to about 10x20 inches (smaller is better).
Mesh Matters. As a general rule, the more mesh, the lighter the tent. For warmer three-season use, usually, the more mesh you have, the better. Not only does the mesh save weight, but also allows for better air-flow.
Vestibules & The Rain. An often forget detail about backpacking tents are the vestibule. The vestibule provides a little canopy in front of your tent. Not needed during good weather, but absolutely needed during wet weather. Try to get one that is about 5 sq. feet large, or larger.
Speaking of Rain... Make sure the entire floor of the tent is waterproof. Most are, but if the tent says the floor is just "water resistant"...don't buy it! You'll regret it the first time your sleeping in it during the rain.
Remember the Footprint! Virtually all good backpacking tents also come with "footprints," which are essentially waterproof and tough tarps cut-out in the shape of the tent. Buy It! Not only does it enhance the tent's waterproofing, it also protects the bottom of the tent. Yes, they aren't cheap. But they are a lot cheaper than replacing the tent due to a sharp stick tearing a hole in the floor of your expensive backpacking tent!

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