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Insta-Bed NeverFlat Air Bed Queen (QUEEN)

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Keep plenty of places for guests to sleep with Insta-Beds NeverFlat Air Bed. Its integrated NeverFlat air pump plugs into a wall outlet and inflates and deflates the bed, making setup quick and easy when guests arrive. Comfort-adjust settings allow the user to set various firmness levels. Internal sensors continuously monitor the air pressure, engaging a secondary air pump to maintain consistent firmness throughout the night. Deflate function sucks air out of the bed for simplified folding and storage. The air bed is raised, making it easier for everybody to get into and out of. Flock material on the top holds bedding or sleeping bags in place. Inflated: 78L x 60W x 18-1/2H. Wt: 25 lbs. Size: Queen. Size: QUEEN.

Price : $ 174.99

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Air Beds Checklist

Cot or Air Bed? Air beds are more portable and, truthfully, probably more comfortable as they are larger. However, cots don't have to be inflated (saving time) nor can they ever develop a leak. Air beds, though, are easier to store and take up less space.
Truck Air Bed? Aren't they cool? Wish I had one for my own pickup truck! Don't know what they are? Truck air beds are designed to fit in the bed of a pickup truck, and have been "cut-out" to slip in around the wheel-wells.
Durability Issues. The higher quality air beds are tough and durable. The same cannot be said for the sub $30 ones...which often develop leaks over time. No biggie if you don't use it a lot, but if you do....well, leaking air is a problem, isn't it?
How Big? If you plan on using the air bed in a tent, make sure it's small enough to fit...some air beds are huge! Otherwise, if space isn't an issue, get the larger air bed, as I've found they are more comfortable.
Inflation Time. Many air beds now come with electric pumps, making inflation a breeze. If the bed only comes with a bellows pump (manual pump), allow about 10 minutes to inflate it.
Do NOT over-inflate. Most varieties of air beds are meant to be inflated to around 3/4 of capacity. You want some "give" in the air bed when you lay down on it. Read directions of your air bed model for exact specifications. Repeated over-inflation can lead to leaks and ripping of the seams.

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